Smart Office & Workplace Management

Efficient use of space in offices using Smart Sensors

Flexibility and mobility are the defining factors of modern everyday office life.

This calls for innovative office-space concepts that permit the flexible use of rooms and provide meeting and conference areas that can be booked on a one-off basis. Building intelligence from STEINEL uses space with such a level of efficiency it reduces the energy and usage costs in the office environment to the lowest. Whether resource-saving energy consumption, rational use of space or targeted deployment of staff – our sensors are at the center of new Building Intelligence solutions.

SMART Sensor and Light application IN SMART OFFICE & WORKPLACE

True Presence Multi Sensor

Smart Office – Better health and energy efficiency

Energy Efficient & Healthier Workspaces: Comfort and indoor climate in a building play an important role. Tiredness, eye irritations, headaches and dizziness are the consequences of poor air quality inside rooms. On-demand ventilation prevents SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).

Our True Presence® Multi Sensor senses for CO2, humidity, VOC, air pressure, brightness, humidity, and temperature measurement to generate a perfect indoor climate. Illness-related absences and concentration difficulties are reduced.

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Smart Workspace – Finding rooms the easy way

With limited meeting rooms, the search and booking for a suitable room must be managed. In addition, spontaneous changes of the appointment, the participants or even the cancellation of the planned meeting make booking more difficult.

With the Smart Workspace solution, the organization of meetings becomes easier and the utilization of the available space can be analyzed and potential savings can be defined.

Sensor data helps staff find available and suitable rooms in real time. The HPD2 tells the system when a booked meeting room is not being used. A chatbot reminds the meeting organiser that the room is booked. If the meeting room is no longer needed, it can be made available again. This avoids no-show reservations.

IR Quattro HD DALI-2 APC

Streamlined Solution for Intelligent Lighting Installation

IR Quattro HD DALI-2 APC presence detector is the simple way to getting effective results. The lighting control module fitted in the load section makes installation both fast and easy. Using the Smart Remote, you can control up to 64 luminaires via 3 lighting channels by app (DALI addressable). For example, it also has an additional, floating relay for standby minimisation or connected lighting groups. 4,800 switching zones and a square detection footprint with a presence zone covering a true 64 m² leave no margin whatsoever for inadvertent triggering and blind spots.

Feature: The presence zone can be mechanically scaled without the slightest loss of quality and, mounted at a height of 2 to 10 metres, can also be used wherever you want. With its extended user-friendly functions, such as neighbouring-light function, basic light level and ECO-ON mode, it is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to plan and install intelligent lighting with just a few components.


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