Sensors – Less energy consumption through more light efficiency: Light only when you need it – automatically! The combination of Steinel sensor technology with innovative Steinel LED technology can save up to 90% electricity.

Our sensor innovations

Steinel sensor Technologies

High frequency. Can even see through thin walls.

As an active system, the HF module emits electromagnetic waves and receives the echo reflected by walls and object at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. Any movement in the detection zone causes the echo to change and triggers a switch signal within a fraction of a second. The HF sensor operates irrespectively of ambient temperature and walking direction. No matter whether you approach the sensor from the front or side – detection quality and reach are always superb. HF waves penetrate panes of glass and stud walls and can therefore detect movements behind objects. The coverage is therefore total and without any blind spots. The HF sensor can also be installed behind suspended ceilings for aesthetic reasons or to protect it from vandalism and still provide optimum coverage.<

Ultrasonic. Fills the entire room and also detects movement around objects.

Actively emitted from the sensor, ultrasonic waves (40 kHz) spread throughout the respective room. They envelop objects that are present in the room and permeate into every last corner. This means that the sensor can even detect movement if there is no visual contact between it and the person. STEINEL ultrasonic sensors are the perfect solution for open-plan offices and rooms with stud walls. Ultrasonic waves do not penetrate thin walls and are highly sensitive.

Passive infrared. Responds to moving sources of heat.

The built-in pyro sensors respond to a change in infrared heat radiated within a defined detection zone – for example, when anyone enters the areas they are watching over. STEINEL passive infrared detectors are the all-rounders when it comes to monitoring large areas, such as warehouses, courtyard entrances or sports halls. They can provide a reach of up to 20 m and be mounted at heights of up to 14 m. They work reliably in damp, cold weather. Giving the highest detection quality on the market, they also underpin our claim of making the best products.

Camera sensor system. Only detects people and can also count them.

We have been able to get the world’s best specialists and universities passionate about STEINEL and to join us in developing the next quantum leap in sensor systems. What does that mean? Our STEINEL HPD 2 sensor is not only capable of identifying people in a room but can count them too. And it makes no difference whether persons are sitting, standing or moving about. This evaluation can be used in conjunction with the built-in humidity and temperature sensor to control lighting, heating and air-conditioning in line with demand. This boosts the options for using them in building automation. From now on, they will bring the best possible lighting and indoor climate to waiting rooms and meeting rooms.