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We exist to enrich your life. We help you live smarter, happier and greener.

As the technologies of smart buildings and green sustainability initiatives meet, they provide huge benefits in terms of more efficient energy use, integration of utilities management and better-functioning buildings that are better and safer places to work and live.

Smart buildings allow for an amazing capacity to connect people with technology. It will assist in facility management as well as giving valuable insights to the use and enjoyment of the building spaces. Energy efficiency, building sustainability and workspace management efforts to benefit.

Here at Intellihub, we are specialised in smart control solutions for residential, commercial,hospitality and industrial segments. We offer consultancy, integration, development, installation and project management for the following key products under the portfolio of Integrated Building Management Capability (IBMC).

HPD2 with optical presence technology to deliver information concerning the number and position of people.

Multisensor AIR KNX, the air, brightness and temperature specialist. Multisensor AIR KNX concentrates on the detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2 and brightness.

Steinel Spot Series with built-in infrared sensor covers 90° and can be controlled via Bluetooth and STEINEL SmartRemote app. Adjust “on and off” time, twilight detection, scheduling and the formation of lighting groups.

Energy efficiency has been further enhanced by IoT whereby it provides access to real-time monitoring of electric, water and gas meters. It can go beyond the main meter to provide sub-metering monitoring information of sub-tenants and other assets.

We provide from brick-and-mortar products and services to off-the-shelf solutions; from conventional switches and/or electrical wiring accessories to Artificial Intelligence (AI) sensors.

Smart building technology continues to proliferate. It’s up to you to make it work for you and the  environment !

Our recent project references :-
A. National University of Singapore
B. Nanyang Technological University – School of Art, Design and Media
C. St Joseph Institute
D. Infineon Technologies Singapore
E. Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore)
F. Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
G. JW Marriott Hotel Singapore
H. Amara Hotel Singapore