Smart Schools & Classrooms

Healthier and Better Learning Condition in Schools & Classrooms using Smart Sensors

Sensor technology for good learning conditions.

Often the quality of air in classrooms is anything but top class. Students and teachers sit in one room for hours on end. The level of CO2 rises, oxygen content and concentration fail. It stands to reason that good lighting and good air in the classroom makes it easier for students to learn.

Building intelligence in teaching lessons. Not only in the classroom. Entrance area, assembly hall, auditorium, stairs, staff rooms, toilet facilities schools and universities have many function zones. STEINEL has sensor solutions tailored exactly to suit any requirement and room situation.

True Presence Multi Sensor

Smart Schools & Classrooms – healthier and good learning environment

The ability of school students to concentrate and their learning success rate crucially depend on a good and healthy indoor climate in the classroom. Intelligent sensors from STEINEL have a nose for stale air and can do a lot to improve indoor climate and an atmosphere conducive to learning. Sensors that make classrooms more energy-efficient and perk up tired school children. With its seven senses, the True Presence® Multisensor also makes it possible to measure brightness, room temperature, humidity, CO2, air quality, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air pressure. In conjunction with modern building automation, it controls all parameters that promote a healthy classroom climate for learning in.

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Smart Sensors monitoring & regulating the learning environment

Ideal for lecture theatres and seminar rooms. The HPD 2 optical sensor is a human counting presence detector capable of counting the number of school children in a classroom, or students in the lecture hall, and controls heating and ventilation on the basis of how many people are present.


Streamlined Lighting Control for better learning climate

Intelligent lighting control using presence detectors can save a lot on electricity costs – and optimize the atmosphere for learning in. Because not only good air, but also good lighting is essential for healthy learning. For instance, a constant lighting control system that includes the component of daylight always dims the level of light in the way required for optimizing the ability to learn. With the STEINEL app, as many as 64 lights can be controlled via 3 addressable lighting channels.

Control PRO Dual HF

Smart Office – Better health and energy efficiency

Twice as vigilant! The Dual HF corridor sensor works with high-frequency technology that’s particularly advanced. The system is fitted with 2 sensors, with each covering one corridor direction. Both together cover a good 20 metres in walking direction, regardless of temperate – for complete and reliable detection without blind spots. The HF-sensor technology detects movement through glass, wood and stud walls, switches light ‘ON’ almost instantly. Tangential reach is deliberately limited to corridor width to avoid detecting movements behind closed doors.

Hallway Sensor

Sensor Specialist for long School hallways

The specialist for long hallways and aisles. Specialized in identifying movement in long narrow school corridors, even when installed in a concealed position. The hallway sensor can be adjusted conveniently via Bluetooth with the free STEINEL app.


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