Smart Residential

Empowering Residential Living with Sustainable Brilliance

Enhancing Residential Safety And Convenience With Smart Lighting Solutions

The primary purpose of using outdoor motion detectors and sensor lights in residential buildings is to provide safety and convenience. It is important for lighting to switch on reliably when people approach the building. The right lighting greatly reduces the risk of accidents in dark outdoor spaces.

Entrance areas and garage entrances rarely need constant illumination. With sensor-switched lights, they ensure these areas are sufficiently illuminated whenever necessary. It minimizes electricity costs, eases the strain on lamps and reduces the frequency with which it is necessary to change a lamp.

Corridors and stairwells also require optimum illumination so that people can move about safely.However, with many of these areas only being used on an irregular basis, constant lighting wastes energy. An intelligent lighting management system ensures optimum visibility and reduces energy consumption by activating lights only when they are needed.

Combining STEINEL’s cutting-edge LED technology together with wireless connectivity, our intelligent lighting systems generate high energy savings, while providing residents maximum comfort and safety as well as efficient lighting from the LED technology and sensor systems

SMART Sensor and Light application In SMART Residential

RS PRO Connect R-Series

Smart HF Presence Sensor with Comprehensive Lighting solution

High-precision HF presence sensor, warm and neutral white options delivering up to 3200 lumens of light. Backlight, basic light level, emergency light powered by rechargeable battery, flexible stay-ON time and connectivity to create zone groups. All configurable via an app.

XLED home 2

Protect yourself and your home with sensor-switched floodlights from STEINEL

Protect yourself and your home. STEINEL can help you make your home safer and more secure. The XLED home 2 sensor-switched floodlight provides you with an effective way of deterring uninvited night-time guests.

Hallway Sensor

Specialist for long hallways and corridors

Providing perfect radial detection up to 25m, it is ideal for use in long hallways and corridors. Reach can be adjusted in both directions. Bluetooth takes the effort out of setting them up, putting them into operation and interconnecting them.

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Infrared presence detector Presence Control RS PRO 5100 SC

Perfect Lighting Solution for Carpark modernisation and refurbishment

The most modern linear luminaire against the renovation backlog. Changing of the guard in car parks, cellars, halls, garages, corridors and all rooms still equipped with old diffuser luminaires. Basically, it’s quite simple: you use the existing wiring, mount on existing drill holes, network the new installation wirelessly and set all parameters via app. The variant with emergency light and 5-core through-wiring is new. The luminaire also has Bluetooth 4.0 for fast and energy-saving connections.

  • Easy and convenient to network and adjust via STEINEL app.
  • Basic light level from 10% – 50%
  • Main light level from 0% – 100%
  • Grouping of lights with Bluetooth Mesh
  • Reach, radial Ø 10 m
  • Reach, tangential Ø 10 m

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