Smart Healthcare

Creating Comfortable and Safe Healthcare Environment using Smart Sensors

Enhancing Elderly Care with Intelligent Sensor Technology.

How can intelligent technology provide meaningful everyday assistance for the elderly and people in need of care as well as their relatives and carers so that there is more time for the human element? Intelligent technology enables elderly people to stay in their familiar surroundings for longer and helps nursing staff in everyday care routine. This is where the combination of advanced sensors assist to ascertain new and relevant measurement variables. Combining tailor-made sensor and lighting solutions make everyday life friendlier and better in healthcare facilities.

True Presence Multi Sensor

Smart Healthcare – Creating Optimal Indoor Environments

Specialist in true presence and good indoor climate. True Presence® can detect true human presence in the room no matter what these people are doing. Long stay-on times are no longer necessary. For the first time, the information on the “presence of a person” becomes a reliable parameter for controlling a building. Combining True Presence® with the detection of temperature, humidity, air quality, VOC, CO2 and brightness makes a good indoor climate for better comfort in care homes.

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True presence®

Reliable Detection of Micro Movement for Healthcare

The world’s first true presence® detector! No unnecessary stay-ON times any more – no unnecessary electricity costs. Precision high-frequency measurement of the surrounding area provides 100 percent reliable detection. The True Presence detector reliably identifies whether persons are present or absent over an area of 64 m² – on the basis of the body’s micro movements as well as human vital functions, such as breathing in and out, or shoulder movement. The new standard in building automation.

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High-Frequency Presence Detector for Cubicles

High-frequency presence detector with its ability to see through barriers is suitable for detecting movement in stairwells or toilets with cubicles.

IR Quattro HD 2

Reliable movement Smart Sensor

No movement escapes the IR Quattro HD-2 presence detector – regardless of whether it is used for administrative activities in the office or in the dining room of a care home.

IR 180

For greater safety & energy efficiency

For greater safety and energy efficiency, the IR 180, as a presence switch, reliably switches on light in the corridors of care facilities.


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