Smart Home & Garden

Motion-Sensing Illumination for Sustainable Home & Garden Living

Illuminating Every Space with the Right Light: Integrating Smart Home Technology

Our products give you greater convenience, security, and energy savings. From spotlighting individual areas around the house and garden to suitable reception lighting in the entrance area and large-scale illumination of the courtyard and driveway: With the right lighting solution from STEINEL, your home not only gains in charm and character, but also becomes a shining example of intelligent use of light when it comes to safety.

SMART Sensor and Light application IN SMART Home & Garden

XLED Home 2

Protect yourself and your Home with sensor-switched floodlights from STEINEL: Enhancing Your Smart Home Security

STEINEL XLED home 2 sensor-switched floodlight can help you make your home safer and more secure by providing you with an effective way of deterring uninvited night-time guests. STEINEL’s time-tested infrared sensor technology provides reliable detection over every last inch of a property, avoiding gaps in security. XLED home 2 is the preferred choice wherever automatic lighting can provide better convenience and security.

Bluetooth Wireless Control:

  • Remotely controllable at the touch of a finger. Via app, you can conveniently make all settings on your smartphone.
  • Network all luminaires around the house wirelessly. Connect lights from STEINEL are simply networked together via Bluetooth without the need for cables.

Watch how it works

Spot Series

Setting Smart Garden Highlights with the STEINEL Spot Series

Spot Series: Spot on for your outdoor area! With our Spot Series you stylishly highlight the highlights of your garden. Whether on the wall, as a ground spike or as a path light. The lights fit elegantly and discreetly into your garden design and set accents where you want them. So when it gets dark outside, you create a special atmosphere in your garden. 365 days a year.

Spot series include: Spot ONE, Spot DUO, Spot WAY and Spot GARDEN


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