Smart Hospitality

Digitalizing & Automation of Hotel using Smart sensor technology

Enhanced efficiency, comfort, and convenience through the digitalization of hotel.

Automation of hotel complexes or a hotel room goes a long way in providing a satisfactory experience for guests. A custom-configured system can simplify numerous processes from which guests as well as staff and hoteliers benefit. We offer smart solutions consisting of hardware, software and a range of services. By combining state-of-the-art technology with building management, we create the perfect platform for all the comforts and conveniences today’s hotel guest. Intelligent sensor technology enhances energy and service management in the hotel. Costly energy is saved while also optimizing hotel processes that recur every day.

SMART Sensor and Light application IN SMART Hospitality

True Presence Multi Sensor

Smart Hotel – Enhancing Guest Comfort and Operational Efficiency

STEINEL’s True Presence® sensor detects human occupancy in rooms reliably, even when guests are stationary. Hotel rooms go into ECO mode within a short time span of 5 mins, lowering energy costs effectively. Replacement of keycards can be done instantly and fuss-free without the need of massive wiring work.

True Presence Multi Sensor® measures brightness, room temperature, humidity, noise level, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO₂. Hotels can effectively monitor air quality and identify problem areas while taking steps to improve it, improving guest comfort and satisfaction. Streamlining hotel operations is possible as housekeeping and front counter staff can check room availability and guest presence conveniently and plan their schedules efficiently.

Watch how it works

Lutron myROOM

Reimagining the Guest Experience at a World-Class Level

Raise the bar on luxury. A marvel of modern luxury, Lutron’s myRoom enables you to realize your vision for a world-class guest experience in a whole new way. Lights, temperature, and shade converge into a single, elegant system allowing guests to control their light with ease – no tech savvy required. Easily create the perfect mood to suit the moment.

myRoom brings beautiful light into every guest room, with dimming capabilities down to 0.1%. A unique bedside “master off” enables guests to turn off lights and close the shades—right from the comfort of their bed. Universal icon engravings remove language barriers. Beautiful, coordinated aesthetics deliver matching light, shade, and temperature keypads—including individual USB and plug receptacles.


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