Smart Carpark

Carpark Smart Lighting Sensor for Energy Efficiency and Cost Saving

Lighting Efficiency in Car Parks.

Parking garages and underground car parks are usually open around the clock. Good illumination on all surfaces is important for the personal feeling of safety of the users and for safe maneuvering of the vehicles. However, if the light is permanently switched on here, valuable energy is wasted. Sensor-controlled lighting in combination with intelligent networking and light switching can help.

The innovative lighting systems from STEINEL generate more light using less energy – only providing light whenever it is needed. This reduces costs by up to 94% while boosting lighting convenience in car parks.

By investing in a modern, energy-efficient lighting solution, car park operators have the chance of a high return on investment. At the same time, users enjoy greater convenience and safety, making their stay in the car park more pleasant.

RS PRO connect 5100 – High frequency sensor

Perfect Lighting Solution for Carpark modernisation and refurbishment

To illuminate an area as expansive as the parking level of an underground car park, it makes sense to create lighting groups. Doing this with the RS PRO Connect 5100 LED makes it unnecessary to lay any additional cables. Lights are easily interconnected via Bluetooth with the intuitive STEINEL app. For each of these lighting groups, it is necessary to define a group master in the app. All lights in a group then operate in the same way as the group master is configured. Other light functions, such as the neighbouring function, as well as lighting parameters such as twilight setting, basic light level, main light and time settings, can also be selected via app with effortless ease. Practical: all light functions and settings are conveniently selected at ground level via an app. No ladder is needed.

  • Easy and convenient to network and adjust via STEINEL app.
  • Basic light level from 10% – 50%
  • Main light level from 0% – 100%
  • Grouping of lights with Bluetooth Mesh
  • Reach, radial Ø 10 m
  • Reach, tangential Ø 10 m

Watch how it works

IS 3360 PIR Sensor

Enhancing Carpark Lighting Efficiency with Extended Sensor Coverage

  • Installation height up to 4m
  • 360° angle of coverage, 20 m reach radius
  • Reach, radial Ø 8 m (50 m²)
  • 3 pyro sensors, IP 54
  • Ideal for large areas and high spaces such as multi-storey car parks

IS 345 – PIR Sensor

Advanced Surveillance Quality Smart Sensor for Carpark

  • Ideal for passageways, corridors and commonly used spaces
  • Installation height 5m
  • Heavy-duty relay for high switching capacity
  • Reach, radial 12 x 6 m (72m²)
  • Reach, tangential 23 x 6 m (138m²)


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