Smart Industrial & Warehouse

Industrial & Warehouse Smart Sensor for Energy Efficiency and Work Safety

Lighting Efficiency in Warehouses and Industrial Buildings.

The last one switches the light off? Not necessarily. Fortunately, there are better solutions today to make warehouses and industrial buildings more energy efficient. Besides the consistent use of LED luminaires, integrating intelligent lighting control also plays a major part. Also in terms of lighting quality. Cut down on operating costs by efficiency using and reducing energy consumption.

SMART Sensor and Light application IN SMART Industrial & Warehouse

IS 3360 MX Highbay

Enhancing Large Industrial & Warehouse Lighting with Smart, Far-Sighted Sensors

Large spaces, multi-storey car parks and production buildings with ceiling heights of up to 4 m rarely provide installation surfaces every metre. These environments call for presence detectors with a long reach. Like the IS 3360. It detects any tangential movement within an all-round radius of 20 metres. Even installed at heights of up to 4 metres. In short: one IS 3360 covers an area of more than 1000 m²!

IS 345 MX Highbay

Advanced Surveillance Quality Smart Sensor for High-Bay Warehouse

Aisles and long corridors place special demands on sensor performance. The detection area of the sensor must be narrow, but long. Only in this way can the fewest possible sensors cover sections of the greatest possible length. Tried and proven over and over again, the IS 345 is the specialist for indoor applications of this type. It is specially designed for detection in corridors and has an angle of aperture of 45°. This means that it can watch over an area of up to 23 x 6 metres tangentially.


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