Smart Washrooms

Redefining Restrooms and Washrooms Occupancy with Smart Sensors

Smart Sensor System for Washrooms.

In restrooms and bathrooms, cubicles and partitions can pose challenges in detecting movement. Traditional infrared technology requires a large number of sensors to ensure effective detection, typically one sensor per WC. This approach is both costly and requires a lot of work.

The high-frequency technology developed by STEINEL is capable of reliably detect movement through stud walls, which means you only need a fraction of the sensors compared to what you would need with infrared technology. For irregularly shaped rooms, our ultrasonic technology would be ideal.

Furthermore, our Sensor Lights provide an excellent alternative for restrooms and bathrooms. These lights incorporate an integrated sensor that detects movements discreetly, even behind partitions, and automatically switches on the light when needed.

SMART Sensor and Light application IN SMART WASHROOMS


High-Frequency Presence Detector for Cubicles

High-frequency presence detector with its ability to see through barriers, cubicles and partitions. Ideal for detecting movement in toilet cubicles and changing rooms. STEINEL’s not only the pioneer of high-frequency sensor technology but also the first to use it successfully for presence detectors. As high-frequency works without any lens, the HF 360 is extremely slim and bears little resemblance with a “watchdog”.

True Presence Multi Sensor

Smart Washroom – Better detection & energy efficiency

Similar to the HF360, the True Presence sensor takes it up a notch with its ability to detect presence instead of motion. True presence means even being able to detect micro movements like sleeping, walking, standing, reading, or resting, leaving the lights and/or air conditioning ‘ON’.

Watch how it works

US 360 Sensor

Reliable Precision Detection Behind Any Obstacle

Oddly shaped architecture, partition walls or other obstacles present insurmountable difficulties to some sensors. Yet the US 360’s dynamic all-round precision detection capability works with absolute reliability behind objects too. Across a radius of 6 metres all round. Even in extreme temperatures.


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