IR Quattro HD

Detection no finer! Infrared presence detector Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD COM1 AP for indoors, ideal for medium to large-size offices, conference and meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres, sports halls and warehouses, installation height up to 10 m, surface-mounting version for switching light ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’, 4800 switching zones for the ultimate in detection quality, presence detection over a true 64 m2, square detection zone, mechanically scalable.

Version: COM1, KNX, DALI-2 Input Device

Fits on the ceiling. And sees what others dream of.

HD isn’t just restricted to televisions but from now on also used in presence detectors. Because IR Quattro HD provides extremely high-definition detection. 4,800 switching zones and a square detection footprint with a presence zone covering a true 64 m² leave no margin whatsoever for inadvertent triggering and blind spots. Unique: The presence zone can be mechanically scaled without the slightest loss of quality. This means IR Quattro HD applications in medium to large-size offices, conference and meeting rooms, class rooms and lecture theatres as well as sports halls and warehouses can be planned and configured with absolute precision. Something others can only dream of.

ideal 2,5 - 4 m
ideal 2,5 – 10 m

max. 8 x 8 m presence

2 - 1000 lux
10 – 1000 lux with RC 8

energy saving
energy saving

2000 W max.
2000 W max.

indoor sensor
indoor sensor

infrared sensor
infrared sensor


4800 zones
4800 zones

manufacturer's warranty
manufacturer’s warranty

European Article Number (EAN) 4007841592400
Type Presence detector
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 120 x 65 mm
Mains power supply 120 – 250 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Sensor Technology passive infrared
Application, place Indoors
Installation Surface wiring
Electronic Scalability No
Mechanical Scalability Yes
Mounting height 2,50 – 10,00 m
Optimum mounting height 2,8 m
Detection angle 360°
Sneak-by guard Yes
Capability of masking out individual segments No
Reach, radial 8 x 8 m (64 m²)
Reach, tangential 20 x 20 m (400 m²)
Twilight setting 10 – 1000 lx
Time setting 30 s – 30 Min.
Constant-lighting control No
Basic light level function No
Functions Normal / test mode,Semi-/fully automatic,Manual ON / ON-OFF
Settings via Remote control,DIP switches,Potentiometers,Smart Remote
With remote control No
Interconnection Yes
IP-rating IP20
Material Plastic
Ambient temperature -25 – 55 °C
Colour White
Colour, RAL 9010
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 years
Version COM1
Interface COM1 (Switching light)
Sensor Technology Passive infrared