Guest Room Management

Increasing customer demands and digitalization are presenting hoteliers with new challenges.

The True Presence® from Steinel provides information of the unquestionable presence or absences of person in the room. The True Presence® detector reliably identifies whether persons are present or absent over an area of 64 m² – on the basis of the body’s micro movements as well as human vital functions, such as breathing, or shoulder movement. Analysed accordingly, recurring processes in the daily routine can be simplified. As a result, service personnel can be deployed more efficiently and in a more targeted manner, and operating processes can be optimised.

At the same time, the True Presence® Multisensor measure brightness, room temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO₂, and offers the opportunity to improve energy efficiency and enhance guest comfort.

The True Presence® Sensor from STEINEL provides information about whether a guest is staying in his room or not.

IR Quattro MICRO

Hardly visible and particularly shallow, the IR Quattro MICRO IR presence detector with all-round vision also reliably detects
movements in areas exposed to moisture and humidity.

Potential to save energy while boosting comfort

The hotel’s energy management system uses the information from the True Presence® presence detector that a guest has left the room. Unnoticed by the hotel guest, the temperature in the empty room is lowered by 2°C. This can make an energy saving of 12%.