Lights & Sensors

Our products give you greater convenience, security and energy savings.

For more than 30 years we have been dealing with automatic light. STEINEL is the inventor of the SensorLight and pioneer of high-frequency technology for use in professional lighting automation. Whether for the home, yard, garden or terrace, for outdoors or indoors – we develop and produce intelligent sensor and lighting solutions for every application at our European plants. Our products offer you more comfort, safety and energy savings.

Outdoor & garden

XLED floodlights

Courtyard & driveway – floodlight for your home. Equipped with the very latest resource-conserving LED technology and high-precision sensors, these sensor-switched spotlights stylishly reflect the architecture, providing the finishing touch outdoors.


A smart light that keeps an eye on your safety. Combines outdoor spotlight, motion detector, security camera and intercom all into one! If motion is detected, the light turns on and you’ll receive a notification on your smart devices. You can also communicate with the visitor.

Spot Series

Networked garden joy. Imagine having a bundle of spot lights, rearrange according to your fancy, simply plug them into the soil and voila! Built-in infrared sensor covers 90° and can be controlled via Bluetooth and STEINEL SmartRemote app. Adjust “on and off” time, twilight detection, scheduling and the formation of lighting groups. Brightness of 520 lm at 7 W, and comfortable colour temperature of 3000 K.

Spot ONE

Intelligent and convenient. Modern swivelling LED wall spot ONE Sensor Connect with 90° infrared motion detector (10 m reach). Interconnectable via Bluetooth in next to no time and adjustable via the free app: light-level threshold (2-2000 lux), time setting (5 s – 60 min), ON and OFF times, convenient light grouping. 520 lm from 7 W. Includes replaceable GU-10 LED lamp.


No one should be able to gain access without authorisation.

Intercoms are essential for any house. They act as an extension of your eyes and hands. You wouldn’t want to be away during cooking or cake baking. Install one in the kitchen, and see who’s at the gate, speak to them over intercom and unlock with a button.

The touch-panel allow you to control your home automation, and program individual appliances to your likings. When away from home, use the ABB App to communicate and control the door remotely over the internet.

01 ABB- Video outdoor station, with 1/2 pushbuttons, Aluminum alloy

02 ABB- Video outdoor station with keypad, with 1/2 pushbuttons, Aluminum alloy

03 ABB-Video outdoor station with keypad, with IC card reader, Aluminum alloy

Home Automation

Epitome of beauty and brains

The beautiful house with brains, brought to you by Intellihub. Enjoy quality of life, doused with convenience and a comfortable environment controlled by artifical intelligence. The list of smart automation runs long, from ceiling fans, air-conditioning, indoor lighting, outdoor blinds, outdoor sensor switched lighting.


Try visualizing the magical experience. Walk into the room to activate the lights. The sun rises and the sun-facing windows’ blinds come down automatically. Temperature rises in the afternoon and the AC automatically up a notch of cool air.

There’s the KNX weather station which reads the environment’s parameters. Results then assist the interiors’ sensors in automating the home cooling system, maintaining the comfort level without wasting extra electricity.

The new Busch-ControlTouch® KNX turns smartphones and tablet into a practical remote control controlling switches, dimmers, blinds and scenes. It also integrates IP cameras, Sonos wireless boxes and Philips Hue lights within the system.