True Presence®

The world’s first true presence® detector! No unnecessary stay-ON times any more – no unnecessary electricity costs. Precision high-frequency measurement of the surrounding area provides 100 per-cent reliable detection. The True Presence® detector reliably identifies whether persons are present or absent over an area of 64 m² – on the basis of the body’s micro movements as well as human vital functions, such as breathing in and out, or shoulder movement. The new standard in building automation. Easy to control via app and Bluetooth.

The first true presence detector.

Looking forward follows looking up. True presence® was developed to be the first true presence detector. It reliably indicates if a person is in the room or not. This means that reliable absence detection is possible for the first time. This information allows the reliable activation and deactivation of lighting without the need for stay ON times and without any waste of electricity. The detailed knowledge concerning presence and absence results in numerous other applications that can be very valuable for building management. This sets a new standard in advanced building automation.

True Presence Ø 9 m

Presence Ø 15 m


max. 2000 W

2 – 12 m

high frequency sensor 360°

2 – 2000 lux

European Article Number (EAN) 4007841057923
Type Presence detector
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 103 x 103 mm
Mains power supply 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Sensor Technology High frequency, Light sensor
Application, place Indoors
Installation Concealed wiring
HF-system 7,2 GHz
Electronic Scalability Yes
Mechanical Scalability No
Mounting height 2 – 12 m
Optimum mounting height 2,8 m
Detection angle 360°
Angle of aperture 160°
Sneak-by guard Yes
Capability of masking out individual segments No
Reach, radial Ø 15 m (177 m²)
Reach, tangential Ø 15 m (177 m²)
Reach, presence Ø 15 m (177 m²)
True Presence reach Ø 9 m (64 m²)
Twilight setting TEACH Yes
Twilight setting 2 – 2000 lx
Time setting 20 s – 60 Min.
Output 2000 W
Constant-lighting control No
Basic light level function No
Functions Group parameterisation, Semi-/fully automatic, Lighting scenario, Manual ON / ON-OFF, Neighbouring-group function, Normal / test mode
Settings via Bluetooth
With remote control No
Interconnection Yes
IP-rating IP20
Material Plastic
Ambient temperature -20 – 50 °C
Colour White
Colour, RAL 9003
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 years
Version COM1 – Concealed wiring
Interface COM1 (Switching light)
Sensor Technology High frequency