Spot Duo

Excellent design. Intelligent technology. Turning through 180° and tilting through 90°, the LED double spot’s two spotlight heads (2x 520 lm) provide 3000 K warm-white light. Wirelessly interconnectable by Bluetooth and adjustable and controllable via free app (twilight, time, lighting groups). Two 90° infrared sensors reliably monitor the surrounding area. Included lamp.

Powerfully bright LED duo. Wall spot DUO Sensor with two swivelling spotlight heads (180° horizontally, 90° vertically), each with 90° infrared sensor (10 m reach). 2 x 520 lm from 2 x 7 W for optimum illumination all around the building. With time setting (8 s – 35 min) and twilight setting (2-1000 lux). Several spots can be interconnected by cable. Includes 2 GU-10 LED lamps

Great design. Great performance.

The “Spot DUO” wall spot series simply looks doubly good. On the one hand, because of its unmistakably clean-cut design. On the other because of its powerful performance with 2 x 520 lm light output from only 2 x 7 W. The individual LED spots each turn through 180°and tilt through 90°. For targeted, selective illumination of different areas around the building. Both versions – “Spot DUO Sensor” as well as “Spot DUO Sensor Connect” – are each fitted with two intelligent 90° infrared sensors which are reliable activated over a reach of up to 10 m. Selectable time and twilight threshold for both. The Bluetooth-based Connect version can be wirelessly interconnected and set and controlled via app. Groups can also be created and lights designated via app for added convenience. The replaceable lamps are included.

5 sec - 60 min
5 sec – 60 min (Via App)

2 - 2000 lux
2 – 2000 lux (Via App)

manual override
manual override

20,000 h
20,000 h

3000K warm-white
3000K warm-white

1 - 5 m
Max 10 m

Energy Saving
soft light start

manufacturer's warranty
manufacturer’s warranty


Energy Saving
Energy Saving

European Article Number (EAN) 4007841058654
Dimensions (L x W x H) 175 x 247 x 98 mm
Mains power supply 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Mounting height max. 2,50 m
Sensor Technology passive infrared
Output 15 W
Interconnection Yes
Luminous flux 1040 lm
Colour temperature 3000 K
Colour variation LED SDCM5
Colour Rendering Index CRI 80-89
With lamp Yes, LED Lamp
Lamp LED can be replaced
With motion detector Yes
Detection angle 90 °
Angle of aperture 90 °
Sneak-by guard No
Capability of masking out individual segments No
Reach, radial passive infrared: Passiv Infrarot: r = 2 m (Passiv Infrarot: 3 m²)
Reach, tangential passive infrared: Passiv Infrarot: r = 10 m (Passiv Infrarot: 79 m²)
Photo-cell controller Yes
Twilight setting 2 – 2000 lx
Time setting 5 s – 60 Min.
Basic light level function No
Function Manual ON / ON-OFF
Soft light start No
Continuous light selectable, 4h
Impact resistance IK03
IP-rating IP44
Protection class II
Ambient temperature -20 – 40 °C
Housing material Aluminium
Cover material Plastic, Transparent
Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 years
PU1, net weight 1,005kg
Version Sensor Connect