IS 180 digi HD

  • flat rectilinear design for optimal adaptation to mounting location
  • lens integrated in the product outside the viewing area
  • detection quality is equally good in the detection area, regardless of the direction of walking
  • 9 detection areas digitally adjustable
  • all settings are easily made via Bluetooth using the STEINEL Connect App

The first digitally adjustable infrared sensor for outdoor use.

The technology makes the difference. The innovative motion detector finally puts an end to the time-consuming delimitation of the sensor area. And takes infrared sensor technology to a completely new level as a digitally adjustable 180-degree sensor. By combining five pyro sensors and an innovative mirror technology, we have succeeded in bringing radial detection significantly closer to tangential detection. Within a radius of up to 9 m, the walking direction is irrelevant for the detection quality. Compared to conventional infrared motion detectors, the IS 180 digi HD thus offers significantly better detection.

Max. 2000w

Infrared sensor 180°

Infrared sensor 90°

Max. 9m

Ideal  2m

2 – 1000 lux


Manual override

European Article Number (EAN) 4007841 066079
Type Presence detector
Dimensions (Ø x H) 42 x 116 x 116 mm
Mains power supply 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Sensor Technology passive infrared
Application, place Outdoors, Indoors
Installation Surface wiring, Wall
Electronic Scalability Yes
Mechanical Scalability No
Mounting height 1,80 – 2,50 m
Optimum mounting height 2 m
Detection angle 180°
Angle of aperture 90°
Sneak-by guard Yes
Capability of masking out individual segments Yes
Reach, radial r = 6 m (57 m²)
Reach, tangential r = 9 m (127 m²)
Twilight setting TEACH Yes
Twilight setting 2 – 1000 lx
Time setting 5 s – 60 Min.
Output 2000 W
Constant-lighting control No
Basic light level function No
Functions Motions sensor,Adjustable fade time when switching ON and OFF, Capture zone definition, Feedback indicator, Night economy mode, Normal/test mode, Neighbouring group function, relay output, light sensor
Settings via Smartphone, Tablet,Connect Bluetooth Mesh, App
With remote control No
Interconnection Yes
IP-rating IP54
Material Plastic
Ambient temperature -20 – 40 °C
Colour Anthracite
Colour, RAL 7039
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 years
Version COM1
Interface COM1 (Switching light)
Sensor Technology Passive infrared