HG 2120 E

Gateway to the professional class. Electronically controlled hot air tool HG 2120 E. 2200 W, infinitely adjustable temperature from 80 – 630 °C, airflow rate adjustable from 150 – 500 l/min in 3 stages.

Version: Case or folding box

Gateway to the professional class.

Gateway to the professional class.
For intense work sessions without fatigue. The powerful HG 2120 E all-rounder has no problem coping with most hot air jobs in the workshop and on the construction site. This is not only down to the high-performance motor but also optimised ergonomics and practical single-hand operation. To permit many hours of fatigue-free heat-shrinking, shaping, welding or stripping – depending on whichever nozzle happens to be attached. Temperature can be adjusted manually in 9 stages from 80 to 630 °C – and the airflow rate can be varied in 3 stages from 150 to 500 l/min. All this goes to make the HG 2120 E the ideal entry-level tool for true professionals.

European Article Number (EAN) 4007841351403
Output 2200 W
Temperature 80 – 630 °C
Airflow rate 150 – 500 l/min
Temperature setting Continuous
Temperature display Thumbwheel with labelled settings
Heating element Ceramic heating element
Restart protection No
Residual heat indicator No
Function, hanger Yes
Thermal cut-out Yes
Cord length 2.2 m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 253 x 87 x 200 mm
Mains power supply 220 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
PU1, net weight 0,838 kg
Manufacturer’s Warranty 1 years
Type Gun-type tools
Output > 2000 W
Type of accessory applicator
Target group Car wrappers