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STEINEL Singapore Case Study

Intelligent light management system in office spaces and workstations

Project: Infineon Technologies Singapore
Location: Kallang Way
Year: Ongoing since 2015


Maximize energy consumption efficiently and maintain optimum lux level on all workstations within the office space.


Installed STEINEL Livelink DALI system together with motion sensors within the office space.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce energy costs by maintaining optimum lux level according to information on the environment lux by sensors. Depending on the intensity, the light is dimmed or switched off completely.
  • Adjustment of lumens output in office lightings according to the information of lux levels based on the office environment

Products used

IR Quattro HD LiveLink

LiveLink switch coupler

Livelink Control Box

IR Quattro HD LiveLink is ideal for medium to large size offices, conference, and meeting rooms. Lightings in the office will adjust the lumen output according to the environment lux to maintain optimum lux level on all workstations. With LiveLink light management system, up to 16 light groups or up to 64 individual components can be configured or changed at any time via app.

Features of LiveLink

  • Simple and flexible control of all DALI luminaires
  • Intuitively operable app
  • Extensive range of sensors and accessories
  • Future-proof thanks to IoT/cloud connection


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