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CapitaHub @ Capital Tower

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STEINEL Singapore Case Study

Precise and high accuracy detection with STEINEL KNX sensors for an energy efficient office building

Project: CapitaHub @ Capital Tower
Location: Capital Tower, Robinson Road
Year: 2024


CapitaLand required precise accuracy and specific definition in the detection areasm aiming for at least 95% in accuracy. The office building features various layouts on different levels, including irregularly shaped areas to square and circular coverage areas. These specific requirements are achieved with STEINEL’s wide range of sensors.


Installed STEINEL KNX sensors in all offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces for precise detection and controlled lighting.

Key Benefits:

  • With KNX version of the sensors, detailed information such as energy consumption and the lifespan of each light fitting can be captured for further analytics to make better informed decisions.
  • Increased efficiency in energy usage and reduction of energy costs with different sensors installed within specific areas of the office building to maximize performance while minimizing the number of sensors.
  • Safety, convenience and comfort as optimum lux levels are always maintained within the office areas, cafes and event spaces when the sensors detect the area is dark.
  • Accurate detection of presence within narrow corridors, regardless of walking direction, to ensure light is always on when needed.

Products used

True Presence® KNX

Installed True Presence KNX sensors within the 6 open office zone areas and lobbies to ensure detection in every area is well covered. It is sensitive enough to detect the slightest movement. We specifically programmed the space dimensions with precision to minimize the use of sensors. True Presence KNX is a multi-performance sensor which also provides daylight harvesting (twilight function) for parameter areas with sunlight (ie window or glass areas) to maintain optimum lux levels at all times. True Presence KNX are also installed in irregularly shaped areas such as cafés and experience centres within CapitaHub’s office building.

DualTech KNX

DualTech KNX are installed in medium to large meeting rooms to provide maximum coverage in each of the rooms. DualTech KNX combines both PIR (Passive Infrared) and US (Ultrasonic) technology for maximum reliability and sensitivity in detecting minimal and the slightest movements

IR Quattro HD 8m KNX

IR Quattro HD 8m KNX are installed in small offices and meeting rooms within different levels of the office building to control lighting. As the offices and meeting rooms were square area rooms, with IR Quattro HD’s s digitally adjusted square presence detection zones, they can detect the layout of these rooms perfectly to ensure high accuracy in detection.

IR Quattro HD 24m KNX

IR Quattro HD 24m KNX are installed at different levels of the corridor areas, which are long and narrow spaces. In addition, the bi-directional IR Quattro HD provides a presence detection zone of up to 64 sq m, as well as exact square detection footprint, fitting the required functions of the space perfectly.

Hallway KNX

Hallway KNX are installed at event spaces to provide perfect radial coverage in long and narrow spaces. Reach can be adjusted separately in two directions.


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