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STEINEL Singapore Case Study

Energy efficient campus with STEINEL solutions

Project: BCA Academy
Location: Braddell Road
Year: 2022


BCA Academy wanted to implement smart sensor solutions to create an energy efficient campus. They wish to educate and promote environmental awareness across the academy while minimizing environmental footprint and enhancing the quality of life for everyone within the school campus.


Installed a range of STEINEL sensors in different areas of the school building to manage energy usage for lighting and air conditioning.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce energy costs by installing motion and presence sensors around the school compound. Lights are only switched on when presence/motion is detected, resulting in efficient usage of energy.
  • Increased safety and security within the campus. Instant illumination at staircases when presence is detected. Optimum lux levels are maintained at fire exit stairwells when the photocell sensors detect the area is dark.
  • Accurate detection of presence within narrow corridors, regardless of walking direction, to ensure light is always on when needed.

Products used

True Presence Sensor

Installed True Presence Sensor for detection of human presence at stairwell areas with ceiling height of more than 6m.


NightmatIQ was installed at the fire exit stairwell to turn on automatically when the photocell sensors detect it is dark. This regulates artificial lighting provision to maximize efficiency in energy usage while uncompromising the occupants’ needs.

IS 345

IS 345 was installed in corridors as it was specially designed for detection areas narrow but long. With its 45° aperture, it can watch over an area of up to 23x6m tangentially.

HF 360 COM 1

HF 360 COM 1 was installed in the toilets for identifying movements with its ability to see through barriers due to the high-frequency technology. Lights and fans are switched on only when detection of presence is within the vicinity.


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