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Our Story

Headquartered in the ever-changing business landscape of Singapore, INTELLIHUB develops and provides leading-edge smart automation solutions for clients from all walks of life – commercial, hospitality & tourism, residential. We integrate smart devices (such as iOS and Android devices) with various office equipments and hotel appliances, infusing an intuitive single-touch convenience and creating an innovative environment that works for our clients.

Our enviable and extensive list of clientele includes a large number of major corporations, hotels, education centres and housing projects.
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We exist to enrich your life.
Our fully integrated smart automation systems (smart office/ smart hotel/ smart home) increase quality of life and bring peace of mind. We believe that a high quality of life leads to a commitment to excellence – which lays the foundation for success in business and in life. Having peace of mind means having a high level of comfort and freedom, which in turn makes people feel secure.

We help you live smarter, happier and greener.
All INTELLIHUB products are based on this underlying philosophy of exquisite lifestyle through integration with luxury technology. Our products – ranging from centralised building automation (e.g. lighting control, air-conditioning system, security system) to motorised curtains and motion sensors – virtually enable smart devices to communicate intelligently with any office equipment or hotel appliance. With just a single touch on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy convenient, on-premises control of your building system or hotel appliances.

Our products are astonishingly low in energy consumption – many of our products are cableless. The use of regenerative energy sources, such as solar power, makes your day-to-day operation more environmentally friendly.

You set the rules, we’ll do the rest.
Our smart products react to your work routine and address to your needs. You may access to your office’s security system as and when needed, wherever you are. Our fully integrated business automation system streamlines your daily tasks and adjusts itself to fit your preferences. All you have to do is send the command – our customised automation system would turn your vision into reality with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Think Green, Go Green

The effects of global warming are clearly evidenced in many areas of today’s world – warming oceans, retreating glaciers, rising temperature, habitat destruction, and so forth. On the other hand, humans are exhausting the planet’s natural resources at the expense of future generations. We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change and resources depletion, and the last that can do something about it, before it is too late.

As one of the most heavily populated countries in the region, we consume a lot of energy and resources in our everyday life, which in turn generates greenhouse gas emissions and posts threats to our environment. Out of the 150 nations that were surveyed, Singapore was ranked as the seventh largest ecological footprint in the world.

That's the part of problem we can help solve. At INTELLIHUB, we offer many ways for corporates and hotels to use energy more efficiently. Equipped with precision motion sensor, our intelligent luminaires are sensationally low in energy consumptions, and would only be switched on when necessary. Plus, we get energy from cleaner sources. The use of regenerative energy sources, such as solar power, incorporates sustainability into human lifestyle as it reduces electricity consumptions. We fashions a carbon-neutral office which reduce operational costs. [Click to learn more about our green products]

Smart Home

Our home automation system offers a broad range of applications which can be integrated with the entire home’s security, lightings (such as sensorlight for home, remote lighting control, wireless lighting control) and entertainment systems to provide an exquisite living experience.

We provide a sense of security
Is the door locked? Did I turn off the air-conditioner? Everyone has a dumb moment like this. Right now, with our home automation system, we turn your house into a smart home of the future – your house would check in with you. You’ll be notified immediately if the door is left ajar.

Also, you may watch live camera feeds of your house via a smartphone or a laptop, when away from home. In the event of a break-in, you would be alerted at once.

Leave your key at home, you don’t need it anymore.
By pressing your fingerprint on your smartphone, your house recognizes you instantly when you arrive home. As you pull into the driveway, the lights at your pathway, front porch and hallways are gradually switched on. Better yet, your air-conditioner begins to cool your room and your favorite music starts playing. You may adjust the lighting temperature through the delicate designer switch. Fashioned by internationally-known designers, the cableless switch provides wireless lighting control that elevates your living experience and shapes a carbon-neutral home. Now, who needs a key?

Tell your home what to do anytime, anywhere
Everyone has different habits and routines. We truly understand that. That’s why, at Intellihub, we provide our clients with various customized home automation solutions that would suit their preferences and needs. Your Smart Home would adjust to your routines and ensure that different actions take place when you are asleep, awake, gone or back home. You can time it all. In short, our products provide an enhanced lifestyle of entertainment, convenience and comfort.

Smart Office

In Singapore, working life isn’t 9 to 5 anymore. Therefore, office buildings need to adjust themselves to become as flexible as the companies that own it – it needs to respond to the routines of different office owners (e.g. late-night working), as well as meeting individual occupants’ needs.

We turn your ordinary office into a smart office.
Our building automation system provides an extensive array of options for automating control of a commercial building, such as air-conditioning (or heating), ventilation, lighting, security and other systems, through a centralized building automation. It addresses to each occupant’s needs and reacts to various work routines.

For example, our intelligent luminaires are able to perceive heat radiated from human body, convert this into a switching signal and turn the light on – you may set timer as for how much time it should stay on.

Equipped with motion sensors, the centralized air-conditioning system is able to detect the number of humans in a room and determine the temperature and volume that are required – minimizing a building’s energy consumption. Our sophisticated ventilation system helps to improve air circulation in a large building.

Your world is in your hand.
We bring about seamless integration of building surveillance system and smart devices. Intelli-Secure provides a reliable and comprehensive deterrent from would-be intruders. Alarms & CCTV Camera can be monitored at a security control station, or via a smart device – putting the power of premise control and monitoring in the palm of your hand. Several building automation technology, such as KNX, EIB, C-Bus, enables your office equipments (e.g. CCTV cameras, door locks, lights) to communicate with each other wirelessly and securely, which can be accessed and controlled via your smart devices.

We create an eco-friendly office.
Our building automation system is designed to accommodate any large premises (e.g. office buildings, airport terminals, libraries) for energy, air and water conservation characteristics. While being able to smartly control a building, you are also allowed to implement measures to go green. For instance, lightings and air-conditionings contribute to major energy wastage. By using our smart office system, you are able to monitor the usage of energy wisely.

Smart Hotel

Think from the point of view of a consumer: what do you most look forward to as you check in a hotel room each time?

Nowadays, people are getting more reliant on smart devices (iPhone, iPad and Android) to communicate with the world – it is especially true for travelers who are away from home – and to avoid boredom. Based on a poll conducted by SmartBrief, the majority of respondents expressed that “a hotel's technology offerings are an important factor when choosing a hotel”.

As hotels invest in technology spending, hoteliers are able to proffer their guests a wide selection of savvy hotel innovations, allowing guests to enjoy a smart stay with technology intimacy.

Home is where you are.
We present fingertips convenience to your guests. By a single touch, your guests are able to easily and conveniently change the settings for lights, curtains and temperature in the room. The touch-screen interface may also act as a remote control for television and audio system. In other words, your guests are given the privilege to personalize their rooms or meeting spaces just the way they like it – setting up a home away from home atmosphere.

Bring your own device
Your guests may use their own smart devices to connect to the hotel automation system, which gives them a comfy access to various smart functions and allows them to communicate their preferences with you in a manner which they felt most comfortable.

Our Partnering Brands

ABB - Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the ABB Group is a leading provider of automation technology. Its product includes high-quality HVAC motors and drives, as well as a wide variety of lighting control systems.

CYTECH - Cytech is one of the major automation software providers in Pan-Asia region. It expertise lies in control alarm, security system, lighting control, voicemail and intercom.

STEINEL - Founded more than half a century ago, STEINEL is truly the pioneer of automation technology and an established leader of sensor-controlled lighting technology. The made-in-Europe products bear the seal of quality beyond a doubt.

VDA & VITRUM - Its sleek and elegant designer switches offer a seamless mobile integration with any automated gadget, creating an impeccable home automation experience for your living pleasure.